Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hibernation, anyone?

I reckon bears and hedgehogs have the right idea. Put on some reserves of fat (Christmas is a great help here) and then find yourself a quiet corner and snooze the cold, grey, and often windy wetness of winter away. In previous years I would have thought this an awful waste of time, but since we got back from our festive season travels, it seems to have been my regular state of mind, if not of body, and I’m finding it difficult to recover my get-up and go.

However I do have to rouse myself from my torpor at regular intervals, now that my physio exercises are consuming at least 15 minutes three times a day and there is (at last!) clarinet practice on top of that. Knitting is still on the forbidden list, after a very uncomfortable attempt a couple of days ago, but to his eternal gratitude DH is again free of kitchen duties and I’m really enjoying being back at the cooker wielding my pots and pans – with due care, of course.

But between these short bursts of activity I’ve been coasting – reading, listening to music and watching pleasant but undemanding TV.  My brain just refuses to do demanding at the moment and who am I to argue with it? Even little grey cells are allowed to lie dormant occasionally and only deal with the bare necessities...

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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

U is for...

A quick note to say that we’re back from the hospital in Aberystwyth and my wrist is now splint-free!

The consultant was very complimentary about his Scottish colleague’s work and after I’d had X-rays told me that the fracture is completely healed and I can stop wearing the splint if I want to and gradually start to use that hand and arm again. He did suggest I might like to use the splint temporarily if I’m doing something more strenuous, but it’s up to me. I’ve also been referred for physiotherapy and am now waiting to hear from our local cottage hospital about that.

It feels very odd to be without the splint. My wrist feels weirdly naked and vulnerable, which is probably a good thing as it will make me more careful. It’s also very tender if I move it at all incautiously, but it does feel good to be able to at least try to use my hand properly again. 

Now for some gentle, therapeutic knitting and before long even a tootle or two on the clarinet. DH really needs that pair of socks which have been on the needles for so long. And I can categorically promise you that subsequent blog posts will be about something completely different and hopefully much more interesting! 

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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

C is for…

Christmas – which was happy and relaxed and filled with well-chosen presents and food.

Charades - the game of choice for DS’s family. Grandson#3 (who turns 11 today) has been a master of charades for years, easily putting his grandparents’ efforts completely in the shade.

Concert - two of them in fact. The two older grandsons went on short holiday courses just before New Year with the wonderful Yorchestra organisation, Grandson#1 playing his trumpet in Y1 and his younger brother his bassoon in Y3. We had the pleasure of attending their respective concerts on December 30th and had a marvellous time.

Card games - and board games. No TV at DD’s house, but lots of games and reading and a fair bit of music too.

Church  - our new Associate Vicar will be inducted this evening, so I'm off to welcome her and wish her luck.

Consultant – who will see me at the fracture clinic at Aberystwyth hospital tomorrow for my six-week review. Watch this space…

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