Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The road to the Highlands

They say time passes more and more quickly the older we become, but I still can’t believe it’s two whole years since we were able to make more than a fleeting visit to our beloved north coast of Scotland. But the calendar doesn’t lie and two years it is. Thankfully the drought is about to break and on Thursday we shall finally be heading north again. So while the washing machine is churning with a final load, I’m taking a break from making lists and packing to bring you up-to-date.

Looking back to our brief trip early last year it’s hard to believe how much has happened since. Back then the referendum on EU membership was still in the future and the US presidential election was just moving into the primary contest season. I could never have imagined how strongly my attention would become monopolised by the unfolding drama that is politics on the other side of the Atlantic and here at home the unfolding disaster that is Brexit. Add to all this the huge amount of work involved in the clearing and sale of the old house and it's no wonder my poor blogging muse went AWOL.

But now spring is here, summer time has begun and it’s time to hit the road to the Highlands once again. The very small campervan is now distinctly ageing and has been retired from such long journeys, so it will be the very small car which will somehow absorb all the things we need for a month’s stay in one of the most beautiful places on earth. So it’s hey ho for the open road and I’ll see you in bonnie Scotland.