Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Seven Links Project

I was quietly browsing Google Reader with my coffee this morning, when I almost fell off my chair to find that Karen at Being Koy had nominated me for the Seven Links Project, which was started recently by Katie at Trip Base.

The aim (in Katie’s words) “is to unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavour to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again”.

It gives the nominated bloggers a reason to look back over their output and, without too much agonising, to choose certain posts which they feel are worth highlighting. Once I recovered from the shock, I enjoyed reflecting over my as-yet limited list of posts and making my choice.

The rules are simple:

1. The Blogger is nominated to take part by another blogger
2. He/she publishes their 7 links on their own blog. One link for each category.
3. He/she nominates up to five more bloggers to take part.

The categories are very varied:

My most beautiful post   The day I fell in love

This post took me back to a turning-point in my youth and I enormously enjoyed writing it. Though I always try to write as well as I can, I found the words flowed particularly easily and did what I wanted them to, in terms of evoking that long-ago experience and its life-changing significance for me.

My most popular post   It really depends what you mean by popular. J 

In terms of page-views, as measured by the not-always-reliable Blogger Stats, it is without doubt Where did the years go?  which was written on our daughter’s fortieth birthday and was also a contender for Most Beautiful Post for very much the same reasons I give above.

In terms of comments it has to be A sentimental old fool which started as a bit of fun, but really seemed to strike a chord with my readers.

My most controversial post   As my family could tell you, I don’t do controversy any more, at least not deliberately and in public, but Lessons for life (see below) deals with difficult subjects, as does A milestone birthday.

My most helpful post   A tree for all seasons 

(at least for people googling for photos of a tree (ash or not) year-round J As I don’t write an advice or information blog, this wasn’t easy, but the number of times a Google search has led people to this post leads me to hope that a few of them found it helpful, or at least mildly interesting.

A post whose success surprises me   I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills

This is one of my earliest posts and the first to which I managed to add photos. It is simply a reflection on how my life has always been lived among hills and I hadn’t anticipated how much this would appeal to others or how many page-views it would get.

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved  Images

I didn't find this category very easy either, as I’m reluctant, not to say unable, to judge how much attention anything I write really deserves. However, in the spirit of the project, I mention this post.  It was written at the time when coverage of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami was filling the news media daily, so my small reflection on the human cost of this catastrophe went almost unnoticed.

The post I am most proud of   Lessons for life

This is another post reflecting on a significant time in my youth, in this case when, as a student of German, I worked for a few months as a ward orderly in a care home in Hamburg in the mid-1960s. I spent a long time on this post, trying to sum up what this experience had meant to me by remembering three women I had cared for and something of their stories, and feel I succeeded better than I could ever have hoped.

I realise I've snuck in an extra link, but trust I won't be excommunicated for one small sin....

5 bloggers

Among so many great bloggers it’s hard to pick just 5 to share something of their blog and their thoughts on blogging, but here is my list of nominees:

Wylye Girl @  The River Cottage Diaries  who gave me my very first blog-roll spot when I was just starting out – thanks, Wylye Girl. J

The Broad @  ABroad with a View

David @  The Vernacular Curate  (from whose blog I garnered a lot of useful advice about blogging)

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  1. Hello Perpetua:
    You weave a beautifully written story here as you make your selection of what to include in your contribution to this project.

    Always your posts serve in a quiet and unassuming manner to cause the reader to consider some aspect of life, from the simple to the profound, in a new and possibly very different way. They are always a joy and of interest to read, at times are totally uplifting, and we much look forward to future topics.

  2. Congratulations, Perpetua! And what a wonderful post, detailing your personal favorites -- all so special and beautifully written -- and giving readers a chance to easily rediscover these treasures. I love reading all your posts!

  3. Super choices both of your blog posts and of bloggers to whom to pass the torch....I gather from Ayak that I evaded your net, by falling into hers!
    I hope I can produce something as well worth reading as your reasons for selection, but I'm finding it hard going.

  4. Hi Perpetua - it's quite a challenge, isn't it! I'm still thinking.. but you and Karen are a very hard act to follow. I've loved all your posts but my favourite is the one you are most proud of - it's a mini-masterpiece!

  5. I couldn't agree more with what Jane and Lance say.

    I wasn't really in the mood for it when Jack nominated me for the project because I'm busy, but then I enjoyed selecting the posts but even more I've enjoyed seeing which posts my friends select and where they send me with their nominated bloggers. It's actually a really lovely project.

    Karen xxx

  6. PS Vernacular Curate - wouldn't have found him without your list, and he's really really good. K xxx

  7. Good morning Jane and Lance and thank you so much for your very kind words. If I'm achieving even half of what you attribute to my blog, I'll be very satisfied. I certainly love doing it and now find it very hard to imagine life without blogging. I see you have been nominated twice yourselves already and look forward very much to your post.

  8. Thank you so much, Kathy. It was certainly a challenge I wasn't expecting this time yesterday! It was fun to do and made me realise just how much pleasure and interest blogging, and more particularly the friends I've made through it, have added to my life.

  9. Thanks very much, Fly and I can tell you already that you succeeded admirably. Like you I found it hard work but also fun. The only downside was the difficulty of having to select only 5 of the many fine bloggers whose writing I so much enjoy. Yes, Ayak pipped me at the post, where you were concerned!

  10. Hi, Annie. Yes, it was a challenge, but one I see you have successfully conquered :-) I'm so glad you like the Lessons for Life post so much. It means a lot to me because of the people I describe and how much the experience taught and changed me.

  11. Thanks so much, Karen, both for what you say and for having nominated me to take part in the first place. Having posted twice in 3 days (a lot for me) I'd planned to do something different yesterday, but couldn't resist the interest of the challenge :-) As you say it's a lovely project, both because of the posts and the lists of new bloggers to discover.

  12. Isn't he just, Karen! So glad you like him.

  13. P - thank you and bless you, and to Karen too - by whose kind words too I blush, even below the line of my collar!

    This is a really nice piece of work and one I might have a crack at too.

    ...if you don't mind me doing so!


  14. Of course I mind, David! I nominated you just so I could mind :-) Don't be daft, go and get on with it and we will all look forward to the result.

    You write a splendid blog and I've learned a great deal from you in my few months of blogging, for which many thanks. If this is a good piece of work, your advice will be one factor which has contributed.

  15. You did a great job there Perpetua. I'm enjoying reading everyone else's 7 links much more than I did doing mine!

  16. Thank you, Ayak and as you know, I've already said the same about your super post. I didn't find it easy, but did enjoy doing it, except for all the faffing around with links which is very time-consuming.

    You're right though about the sheer pleasure we get from other people's posts on the topic. I'm really enjoying them all.

  17. Just discovered you through the Hattats - off to read your own favourite picks as an introduction.

  18. Hi Bourbon & Pearls, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy having a look round. It's always fun following links and visiting blogs that you know other people follow.

  19. Congratulations Perpetua

    Your musings have a fascinating precedent from way back in 1816. ‘The Life of Nathaniel Sutcliffe’ - a combination of personal spiritual testimony & obituary is from the Congregation Diary of 1816 in the archives of the Moravian Church at Fulneck, Yorkshire. Nathaniel was your Great x 4 Grandfather Perpetua.

    He was born in 1747 and brought up with his family at the pioneering Moravian settlement and later lived in the Single Brethrens House. He had spiritual crisis/personal rebellion in the in his 20’s and left the settlement in 1773, married had a family but …. ‘After the departure of his wife in June 1793 he sunk deeper still by turning a deaf ear to the warning voice of the spirit of God, he unfortunately meddled with politics about the beginning of the French revolution, and by reading anti-Christian publications, which then were so industriously spread, became a miserable infidel’…. Nathaniel returned to the fold spiritually and literally in1803 and died and was buried at Fulneck in 1816

    I will e-mail you a copy. Perpetua. I am sure your blog followers may be interested in further quotations.

  20. Absolutely fascinating, PolkaDot. I had absolutely no idea about this area of our family history and look forward very much to seeing the fruit of your researches when you come. I can foresee some very late nights....:-)


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