Saturday, October 18, 2014

The river of time…

…is running even faster than the stream behind the house after the rain of the past couple of weeks. I can’t believe it’s a whole fortnight since I last posted. You must all think I’ve fallen off the planet or got trapped behind the last pieces of furniture still waiting in the garage for us to have the time and energy to bring them the final few yards into the house.

Thanks to the sterling efforts of DH and my wonderful brother-in-law, the van with the magic tailgate was very fully utilised on Move Friday and by the time we had to return it, our capacious garage closely resembled a second-hand furniture warehouse. Sadly the weather hasn’t been very willing to co-operate and we’ve had a week of frequent and heavy showers, which we’ve had to dodge almost every time we decided to bring in another item or two.

Despite this, the fable of the tortoise and the hare has proved true yet again and we’ve slowly but surely moved all but a couple of very heavy items to their proper places. These will have to wait until half-term, which begins a week today, and the visit of DD and her husband and two strapping sons, who have rashly promised to help.

Only then, when the dresser is finally in place, will I be able to unpack the last of the boxes and put the living-room properly to rights.  Nevertheless, in spite of the residual chaos, the new house is already starting to feel like home, and the car and the very small campervan no longer twitch as they pass the turning which leads up the hill to our old house.

As for DH and me, we’re tired, aching and dotted with scratches, cuts and bruises from the unaccustomed manhandling of awkward pieces of furniture, yet there is a real sense of achievement at the end of every day. We’re definitely going to enjoy living in this house.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Betwixt and between

This expressive phrase sums up very aptly how I feel and what life is like just now. We got the keys to our new house last Tuesday morning and since then for me life has been a blur of packing and beginning to unpack at the other end, while DH gets on with all the little jobs best done before the furniture arrives. I’ve also filled the freezer with ready-made meals, so that no time will need to be spent cooking for the next few days.

I’m pleased to report that after visits on two successive days from the telecoms engineer, we now have a working telephone and a broadband service which will at least double and possibly triple our current speed. OK, it’s only from 2 to 4 or 6 Mbps, but it will seem very fast to us after so many years at the end of the telephone line miles from the exchange.

We’ve already made a number of trips up and down the hill, with the car and the very small campervan laden with boxes and bags and smaller items of furniture.
Now that I’ve finally managed to corral DH and get him to decide on a date, we’ve also started to take apart the heavy furniture as far as we can, ready for D-Day on Friday. This is when DH will be hiring the van with the exciting electric tailgate and, with the invaluable help of my very kind brother-in-law, will be moving all the big items of furniture.

It’s all very exciting and tiring and lots of other mixed emotions, but above all there’s a sense of relief that after all the waiting and preparation, the move is finally happening.

The view from the old house...

...and from the new. In the distance are the hills where we have lived for so long.

Our present surroundings. In the valley is the village we're moving to.

Our new surroundings, with the stream that runs past the garden...

...where I keep thinking I may catch a glimpse of Ratty....

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Images speak louder than words…

…or so I hope. Words seem to be in short supply for me at the moment, at least thoughtful, coherent, blogging-type words. Of course DH and I are exchanging a multitude of words as the move draws nearer, not all of them coherent - or even printable. In addition my ageing brain is having to organise lots of very different thoughts and words as I try to prepare sermons well in advance for four different Sundays over the next six weeks, to cover holiday absences in our group of seven churches.

Here instead are a few photos – snapshots of this busy period of preparation and change - in nature, as well as at home.

Season of mists...

...and mellow fruitfulness.

The hills we are leaving...

...and below, the valley we are moving to.

A moment of relaxation in my sister's garden, wearing her hat...

...and several more this week, looking at the view from my mother-in-law's garden.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

At sixes and sevens…

…is probably an understatement of the state of play in the Transit household at the moment. Life here is never totally predictable in any case, but just now we are facing an enormous change and while not exactly running around like headless chickens, DH and I are finding life more than a little stressful at the moment.

The reason for all this is that early next month we shall be leaving the hills to move a couple of miles to a house on the edge of the village down in the valley below us. After health scares for both of us in the past year we realise that perhaps the time has come to live somewhere more accessible and less likely to be snowed-up in winter

With the kind help of my burly brother-in-law we're planning to do most of the move ourselves over a period of weeks, just getting in outside assistance for the heaviest furniture. DH is rather looking forward to hiring a van with an electric tailgate to take the smaller stuff!  Even DD and her family are getting in on the act, since they are coming to visit during half-term at the end of October and have offered to help with moving things like books.

So if I become even more noticeable by my absence from the blogosphere over the next few weeks, you know the reason why. It will be a big wrench to leave our beloved hills, but there are compensations. The new house has a stream running along the back of the garden and we’ll have a stretch of river-bank of our very own. Wind in the Willows, here we come…

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